Winchester Creek is a 22-acre, 40-lot subdivision located in Winchester, Oregon just north of Roseburg.  This project was developed in two phases. The site is bounded by an existing creek to the north, the Urban Growth Boundary to the east, undeveloped hillside to the south and existing residential development to the west. Design of the subdivision included roadways, sewer, water, storm drainage, a detention basin, a new City of Roseburg water pump station, and wetland creation and mitigation.  It also included working with concerned adjacent residents who were worried construction of the subdivision would be hazardous to the adjacent creek and potentially cause erosion in the area.  Coordination with the City of Roseburg, Douglas County, Division of State Lands, DEQ, The Army Corps of Engineers as well as all local utility companies was required to complete the successful design of this project. Alex Palm was the Project Manager and Design Engineer for this project. i.e. Engineering also provided all construction surveying and inspection during construction of this project.