Our work on this landmark project for the Central Douglas County region began several years prior to the final project completion date.  Our team was engaged at every stage of development from initial project due-diligence and research to the grand opening of the facility.  We had the great privilege of working for both the Private Development Company, Powell Development and Costco Wholesale on this project hand-in-hand with the Project Architect, MulvannyG2, all based out of Seattle. Of the entire development team, we were the only member to be located directly in Roseburg. Our work on the project began with providing an initial due diligence report on the various local and civil components of the project. These components included an ALTA survey, water and sewer studies for the site, a preliminary drainage report, meeting and coordinating with the various local utility companies to ensure that the site was serviceable, and gathering information from the City of Roseburg, Douglas County and ODOT. This information included existing reports and studies that might shed light on certain aspects of the project as well as estimating SDC’s and other permit fees.

After due diligence was complete, we provided planning services in assisting the project through the various boundary line adjustments, partitions, annexations, zone changes; and subsequent appeals, with both the City and the County, as needed to prepare the site for development. This was a long and complicated process in which we worked with the entire development team providing analysis, exhibits, research, and survey information as needed. We handled all local agency submittals during this process and facilitated most local meetings as needed to advance the project.

We also provided representation as needed at all local public meetings all the way through final approvals. Once this process was completed, we provided both Offsite and Onsite Civil Plans for the entire project. These plans included the erosion control plans, demolition plans, grading plans, drainage plans, paving and striping plans, water plans, sewer plans, offsite improvement plans, temporary improvement plans, interim grading plans with phasing, excavation plans, color composite paving plans, truck route plans, horizontal controls plans, as well as civil plans for the fuel facility and out-parcels of the development.

We also developed civil related specifications and handled all the dry utility company coordination so those plans could be completed. We facilitated and managed the entire Site Plan review and approval process with the City of Roseburg and the Building Plan review and approval process with Douglas County in order to get final approvals and building permits. Once construction started our work continued as we reviewed and approved civil related shop drawings, answered RFI’s, took part in construction related meetings, provided construction staking as well as some site inspection and observation, monitored utility testing, coordinated the various dry utility work as needed, and provided Final as-built drawings for the project.